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With Saturn OCR Scanning Services you receive reliable, affordable, cost-effective solutions to your document scanning and information management needs.

Reduce costs and Improve efficiency with
OCR Scanning Services.

Take advantage of our unique production service, highly competitive prices and skilled personnel; you do not need to research every aspect of the OCR scanning process or buy expensive equipment. Our scanning services can dramatically reduce the cost, labor and time associated with document or image scanning and traditional data entry processes.

Have Your OCR Project Done Your Way and On Time

Each project is treated on its own merits and all processes are tailored to your needs, the nature of the original materials to be scanned, and the desired output format.

OCR Scanning Services

We offer three types of OCR services.

  • OCR 1 - Auto OCR "as is" conversion. You get the results exactly as the OCR Engine produces them. There is no quality check on this service. Text only - no images, no editing. Typically 12¢ per page.
  • OCR 2 - This is basically the same service as Auto OCR with OCR clean-up, text correction, and minimal formatting included. Typically 25¢ per page.
  • OCR 3 - This output is a full OCR service. Maintain text, formats, font style, and layout of the original page as best as possible, usually with at least 99% accuracy of the original. Pricing is generally based on the quality of the original materials, complexity of the documents and level of formatting required.

(Above pricing is for unbound materials and image files. Bound materials will be unbound at no charge. There is an upcharge for bound materials that must remain bound.)

PDF Processing

  • Scan to PDF - the PDF is an image of the original page.
  • Scan to Searchable PDF - the PDF retains the look of the original page while enabling text searchability.
  • Convert PDF to Searchable PDF - the Searchable PDF renders the content readily accessible.
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, XML, HTML, etc. - saves you hours of retyping and formatting. The output files are formatted according to your specifications.

Spreadsheet and Database Projects

Materials to be scanned for output as spreadsheet or database files are more complex. These projects are usually priced on a per record or per page basis. For instance - you have an attendee list or directory from a recently attended convention or seminar. The listing contains information such as name, title/position, company, address, cityline, country, email, phone, fax, etc. All or part of this listing can be scanned into individual fields. You may want all of the information or only some of it, like name, company, cityline, email, phone. The fields you choose can be further parsed into first name, last name, middle initial for the name and city, state, zip for the cityline or whatever your project requires.

Recognized for our advanced technology of converting information on paper and in image files into computer-editable files, we deliver accurate, timely and useable data.

Because we are a leader in optical character recognition using the latest OCR tools, state-of-the-art technology, and continually developed in-house processes, the output of materials for your scanning project, in your desired format, will be of the highest quality. Whatever scanning services you require need to be done right and on time. Delays can prove costly if anything goes wrong.

Our vast, 40+ combined years' experience of scanning documents and converting image files (PDFs, jpg, gif, tiff, png, etc.) to editable, searchable text has taught us that all OCR projects are unique. In fairness to all, we suggest you email to us a representative sample of the materials for your OCR project. The output of the sample, to your specifications in the format of your choice along with a firm quote, will be provided, via email, completely free of charge. (You may also email or call 702 648-0767 for a mailing address.)

Saturn OCR Service consistently provides affordable, reliable, innovative scanning services and excellent customer care. Our sincere commitment to quality, a sterling reputation, and on-time delivery translate to client satisfaction, the ultimate measure of our success. For a complimentary consultation and a free sample of your scanning project contact us today.