Scanning Services

Scanning Services graphicSaturn Scanning Services combine proprietary OCR software and a robust, detailed manual component providing the highest possible quality output and fast, reliable turn-around time. We cover all aspects of paper and image file (PDF, jpg, png, gif, tiff, etc.) recognition including scanning, optical character recognition, formatting, cleanup, and more. We are fully equipped to handle all types of scanning and OCR projects. With OCR Scanning Services you receive reliable, affordable solutions to your information management and image file/document scanning needs.

OCR Services

We provide OCR scanning services for materials that cross your field of vision on a daily basis -- paper documents, lists of any kind, manuscripts, books, contracts, manuals, directories, image files including PDF, jpg, png, gif, tiff files -- you name it. Basically anything currently in image files or on paper can be scanned, recognized, and output to the format of your choice.

  • Paper document scanning
  • Image scanning
  • Book scanning
  • Convert existing PDFs to searchable PDFs and other popular formats
  • Scan to PDF - converting documents to PDFs increases productivity, reduce costs, and simplifies document management.
  • Data conversion from one format to another
  • Data capture and data entry from various types of documents and forms
  • Conversion to HTML and XML formats - share information and data over the internet or your company's intranet

PDF Processing

  • Scan to PDF - the PDF is an image of the original page.
  • Scan to Searchable PDF - the PDF retains the look of the original page while enabling text searchability.
  • Convert PDF to Searchable PDF - the Searchable PDF renders the content readily accessible.
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, HTML, XML, plain text, etc. - saves you hours of retyping and formatting. The output files are formatted according to your specifications.

Spreadsheet and Database Projects

We excel in converting data currently on paper, in image files (ie., PDF, jpg, gif, tif, etc.) or on the internet to "ready to use" spreadsheets, database files, and XML formats. Using our scanning services speeds data into your workflow.

  • Decreases the time to collect data and increases accuracy
  • Eliminates tedious, error-prone, and costly manual data entry
  • Captures data for your website or intranet
  • Simplifies data management, reduces costs, and increases productivity
  • Captures information from many sources - publications, directories, books, attendee lists, etc.
  • Recovers data from sources where only hard copy exists
Liberate your data from its paper prison.
We can produce a database or spreadsheet of information so you can get at, apply and analyze it.

All or part of your source materials can be scanned into individual fields. You choose what information you want and how you want to see it.

For example you have a directory of conference attendees similar to this:

Doe, John
Acme Widgets
1234 Here Ave.
Somewhere, AK 12345
Phone: 888 123-4567
Mobile: 888 234-5678
Fax: 888 345-6789

Our scanning services can pick off only the data you want - like name, company, cityline, phone, mobile, and email. Further this data can be separated into first name, last name, city, state, zip or whatever your project requires.

Our unique production service and skilled personnel deliver accurate, timely, usable data. You do not need to buy expensive equipment and research every aspect of the OCR scanning process. The time, labor and cost associated with traditional data entry processes can be greatly reduced using our scanning services.

Have your project done Your Way and On Time.

Our vast experience has taught us that all OCR projects are unique. All production processes are tailored to your needs and desired output. We are committed to high quality, on-time delivery, and excellent customer care. Email a representative sample of the materials for your scanning project to us. We will email the output of the sample, in the format of your choice, to your specifications along with a firm quote, completely free of charge. (You may also email or call 702 648-0767 for a mailing address.) Contact us today to have your ocr scanning project done professionally, accurately, and on time.